Our Areas of Focus

We have Four Main Ares Of Focus That We Base Our Projects On

We endeavor to promote access to quality health care and well- being among the targeted communities by focusing on Maternal health, HIV/AIDs and life style diseases-Cancer, mental health & diabetes.

Our interventions seek to build sustainable living for communities through Improved income (livelihoods) and enhanced Food security.


As has been over the years, our interventions revolve around community Development which includes ensuring food security, Provision of healthcare, Economic empowerment; and climate change and adaptation. We also engage in emergency responses among communities faced with different forms of risks such as floods, famine and health issues. The interventions are through provision of shelter, food and Health supplies.


We seek to develop strategies on policy influence on Climate Change management, information sharing and demonstration of a deliberate effort to mainstream climate change adaptation in water harvesting, farming methods and value addition.