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Food Security and Climate Change Adaptation - Project Period (2017-2023) Ongoing

Project Overview

This project is funded by Bread for the World (BftW) Germany and aims at increasing access to food and promoting Resilience among 10,000 households in West Pokot and Turkana counties as well as increasing the area of rehabilitated land in the hands of 4000 smallholder farmers in Nandi and Elgeyo-Marakwet counties.

Our Main Goals

To ensure access to food and promote the resilience of 10,000 food-insecure households in Turkana and West Pokot Counties is increased, the project mobilized and strengthened the capacity of 6,734 households (3,500 in Turkana and 3,234 in WestPokot) to actively participate in food security initiatives. The baseline survey done in July 2019 revealed that; 80% of the households had experienced food shortage in the last year and the average hunger days for both counties stood at 54.8 days per year.

To increase the income of target beneficiaries, the project enhanced the capacity of groups to form or join Village saving and loaning activities (VSLA) to enable them to save regularly and obtain access to loans that would enable them to accumulate assets and improve their financial security. The purpose was to cushion them in times of shocks and therefore would help them reduce their overall vulnerability.

To increase the area of rehabilitated land in the hands of 4,000 smallholder farmers in Nandi and Elgeyo Marakwet Counties, the project has strengthened the capacity of 79 farmer groups comprising of 50 members per group through skill enhancement on environmental protection and climate change. In both Counties, the baseline survey done in July 2019 revealed that 40% (64.38 hectares/ 161 acres) of the arable land is degraded due to human activities and therefore focus has been on how to rehabilitate the said land.

Increased diversification of livelihood sources through Village saving and loaning activities (VSLA). This is evidenced by;

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All our projects are undertaken based on the greatest need for poverty alleviation as informed by socio-economic indicators, always with the disposition of love and respect for God and His people.


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